Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Ritz Foosball and Canadian cheese

Topix FX has been around for years and it is well known for being a quality FX, Post and Commercial house in Toronto. I was first introduced to them years ago when post production was needed for the many commercials done at Gammage Animation.  Occasionally, Topix asks me to do design work for them as well.

A few Player designs for a Ritz Cracker Foosball game.

This was part of a Canadian cheese advertising campaign.

Monday, 29 July 2013


I was asked to design the little space fella for the JetBaby Logo. Brian Cooper a colleague of mine who currently works at Bluesky Animation studios, also knows graphic design.  He did a nice job of cleaning up the drawing and adding his own style element to complete the rest of the logo. JetBaby is a great little store to find fun clothes and items for little kids.


Some designs I was asked to do while working at Starz/Arc Productions.


This drawing was done in college years ago. When I was a youngster my parents introduced me to the works of wildlife artist and naturalist Glen Loates. Glen's work was a major influence on me when I was growing up, and it still inspires.

Venus and the Sun

Venus and the Sun is a live action short featuring Keeley Hazell. These images were placed in a book she was to be looking through. I was asked to emulate a Rackham sort of look for the illustrations. Like most things in animation or advertising, these were done under a very quick schedule.

Charmin Koala

Some koala designs for Passion-Pictures. These were for a Charmin toilet paper advertisement.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Burberry girls

These are a couple of preliminary designs done for Passion while they where working with Burberry. CGI models were to be created of the various designs and then were to be used for a holographic show similar to the one the Gorillaz did with Madonna. In the end, other more stoic designs were used done by a different designer.

Shane Doyle

I have known Shane for years and I think he is a great designer. He did these great drawings a while back and I wanted to color them- so I did. Some of his work can be found here

Beatles: Rockband

This is what you get when you have Rob Valley designing and Peter Candeland Directing. I had a blast working with the fellas and all the folks at Passion-Pictures again on this job. I researched and analyzed various references for each particular Beatle to try and get their own particular movements right.


Now these were fun to work on. Not only are the Gorillaz characters amazing designs, but there was a great bunch of Animators, Assistants, BG painters and production staff to work with on these jobs as well. Peter Candeland, Robert Valley, Dan Sumich and Jamie Hewlett Directing.

                                                                      Jump the Gut

El Manana

Melancholy hill



Saturday, 27 July 2013

David Attenborough Curiosities

I am a HUGE Sir David Attenborough fan. The work that he has accomplished over his carrier has been a staggering asset to the animation industry.  When it comes to finding reference on how and why an animal should move in a certain way, David and his crew have likely filmed it. When Passion asked me to animate on a commercial featuring him I jumped at it. Adam Parry directed the spot and I think he did a brilliant job under what was a break neck schedule. Great guy to work with as well.

Beatrix Potter

This sequence of drawings was some of the images I did for Passion-Pictures when they were pitching to get the hand drawn animation segments for the "Miss Potter" movie. I was asked to animate this little sequence as well so the client could get an idea of how Peter would look moving.

Alpaca design

My mom and sister raise Alpaca. So they asked me to do a drawing for their business cards.

James Gillray drinks Kronenbourg beer

These images were for a Kronenbourg beer ad while I was working at Passion-Pictures. Emulating James Gillray's drawing style was an interesting challenge.  I'm not sure who animated these images in the end.

Vlasic Pickles Stork design

Vlasic Pickles- An updated pass on the Vlasic Stork, this was done for Passion-Pictures. This design was used for 3-D commercials.

Tony the Tiger- International Style Guide

I did these years ago while working at Chuck Gammage Animation. These were some of the many images done for the style guide. Chuck's Studio did numerous commercials of Tony for Canada, Mexico, UK and the US.